The Best Exchange for Americans to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency

The Best Exchange for Americans

Lowest Fees in Crypto for US Clients

The Best Crypto Exchange, Fueled by Utility

CoinMetro Native Token

CoinMetro Token — XCM

“The Best Crypto Exchange” is just the tip of the iceberg!

Low Fees

We Grew 20x in 2020!

CoinMetro 2020 Growth Numbers

Based on feedback we receive from new clients, CoinMetro is a very easy to use and reliable platform with…

XRP Spark FLR Airdrop

CoinMetro will be supporting the XRP Spark airdrop! YAY!

CoinMetro will Freeze XRP trading at 4pm UTC, and deposits/withdrawals at 10pm UTC, 2 hours before the snapshot (First ledger that prints on the morning of the 12th December UTC). XRP trading/deposits/withdrawals will be disabled for up to 48 hours.


CoinMetro Crypto Exchange AMA: October 23, 2020

What do you think about the rumor that PayPal wants to buy BitGo, a company who’s services you use? 8:08

Kevin used to dislike PayPal and thought they were abhorrent for many years. They used to freeze accounts at the drop of a hat and lock money for months with…


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