CoinMetro AMA: October 30, 2020

CoinMetro Crypto Exchange AMA: October 30, 2020

What are you working on?

What was the Biz Dev related announcement you mentioned last week?

Can you reserve an amount for the bond and finalise payment at a later date?

Which to invest? CoinMetro Bond or XCM

How many people are working for CoinMetro now?

What do the new Biz Dev announcements mean for CM and how do they tie into tokenomics of XCM?

Will there be press releases regarding the CM bond?

How are merchandise sales going?

Are CM/Tangible Bond issued through Montenegro sandbox? What does this mean?

What will start that “snowball effect” to bring more costumers/volume to CM?

According to the roadmap, in November you will be able to onboard institutional clients & new partners. Would you give more insight on this?

When will non US residents have USD deposits enabled?

Can the CM secondary market be as big as the US stock market?

What happens if all bonds aren’t purchased?

Will CM help other businesses raise bonds in the future?

Does CM have huge debt? Is there a proper balance sheet/financial statement so we can track just like US stock markets have?

When will you boost marketing?

If you go public, will the real shares negatively influence the price of the Growth Token?

Are other crypto projects doing bonds? Is CoinMetro the first platform that focuses on bonds?

Isn’t CM getting a late start with so many competitors & huge exchange firms out there?

What happens to the XCM that CoinMetro buys from the open market?

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