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6 min readJan 11, 2021


“The Best Crypto Exchange” is just the tip of the iceberg!

Low Fees

We are not the average exchange, charging outrageous fees to retail clients. You’ll find that CoinMetro beats ALL the big players in the industry when it comes to fees. From trading fees to deposit & withdrawal fees, you simply cannot find another exchange with a better structure than our financial metropolis!

The ONLY trading fee that we apply on our exchange platform is for Takers, which is set at 0.10%. And even then, Takers can earn up to 20% back in rebates! Makers enjoy feeless trading, PLUS makers can earn up to 50% of the Takers fee back in rebates.

We also offer a simple to use Dashboard Swap Widget which allows our users to swap any fiat/crypto, crypto/crypto pair they wish, with no fees..

CoinMetro SWAP Feature

Check out CoinMetro’s complete fee structure including deposits & withdrawals here.

Lowest Fees in Crypto


We are very proud of each of our unique platforms and understand the need to constantly review, adapt and update our products to fit the needs of our growing user base! CoinMetro’s product and development team are always connected to the community for feedback, which is used to ensure we are building out services to meet the needs of our users. This can range from reviewing feedback given to the frontline team in customer support, shared in our telegram group or even video calls and live streams with active traders.

Please give us your suggestions in the Beta Feedback Group on Telegram!

24/7 LIVE Support

As CEO, Kevin Murcko believes serving the community and earning loyalty is the way to run a successful business. CoinMetro has made it a central focus to offer the best help & support in the crypto space.

Talk to a real person anytime you need, night or day, any day! The way it should be. We’ve all heard the countless horror stories about cryptocurrency exchanges with terrible to non-existent support. So we understand that all this may even be hard to believe, but CoinMetro is changing the game!

CoinMetro TrustPilot Review

Our TrustPilot score is the highest of any exchange on the planet… see for yourself!

When you visit CoinMetro, if you need us we’ll respond in just over a minute, no one can be perfect!

Best Customer Support in Crypto

Instant Fiat Deposits and Withdrawals

CoinMetro has focused on providing the best fiat on/off ramps in the industry, with majors such as USD, EUR, GBP and AUD. Traders will enjoy a number of different fiat assets crossed with top cryptocurrencies.

Not only that, but you can even fund your account & INSTANTLY begin trading:

  • Instant ACH for US clients
  • Instant Bank Transfer for UK clients
  • Instant SEPA payment in the EU

Never miss another dip!


This is absolutely vital to the way we conduct business. Transparency is a big problem in the crypto space. Our fantastic community members, CoinMetroids, will never be kept in the dark.

Kevin Murcko is one of the most approachable, and responsive, CEO’s in the world. Every Friday he answers questions for about an hour on a live-streamed AMA! In true Ask Me ANYTHING fashion, Kevin covers a range of topics from his notorious forehead to in-depth analysis about digital securities and capital markets infrastructure.

But he doesn’t even stop there! Join the CoinMetro Telegram and tag @KevinMurcko with any questions or concerns you may have. His voicemail replies have become famous in our community. Be it joking around, refuting FUDsters, or even helping individuals with small support questions, Kevin is happy to join the conversation.

Our team is always ready to respond on Telegram or social media at any hour of the day. We don’t ban anyone with questions or criticism, we welcome it! But any FUDsters better be prepared to defend their comments with our intelligent & informed community!

Feel free to reach out to Kevin on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

Below the Surface…

CoinMetro Crypto Exchange 2021

Built to Grow Exponentially!

CoinMetro is a fully licensed, regulated, & compliant company. This is a large reason we are based in Estonia, where there’s real clarity regarding the regulations governing cryptocurrency — unlike many nations around the globe. We are one of very few companies still holding licenses here, recently renewing and securing a new license. Since our Legal team and CEO helped the Estonian regulators to improve legislation, which led to thousands of exchanges and fintech projects losing their licenses and being unable to renew them.

The crypto world has often been described as a bit of a “Wild West”. But here at CoinMetro, we are working hard every single day to distinguish ourselves. This is a place you can feel safe & secure with your funds, without having your assets locked due to investigations or legal scrutiny.

We are here for the long term, with a vision to build an important financial infrastructure and front-end solutions for the new digital/tokenized economy.

This is far from a simple exchange. CoinMetro currently has over 15 active revenue models, and is working to add more every quarter. This is why we are able to charge lower fees than our competitors. We are smarter, more agile and innovative.

CoinMetro built a complete matching engine in-house & from scratch! There’s no copy & paste here. Moreover, there are FOUR unique products that operate on top of this advanced matching engine:

  • Simple Swap widget
  • A customizable exchange with FAR more functionality than Coinbase Pro, BitPanda, or Kraken.
  • Margin Trading platform, also built in-house.
  • TraM (Trade Mirror) — A completely unique copy trading platform that ensures the PRO traders managing the TraM, as well as their followers, get exactly the same entry and exit prices with no slippage.

Over the years we’ve built & perfected an in-house KYC solution. It’s now on par with companies like Onfido (recently raised $100 million) whose sole business is third party KYC solutions.

This means we can sell our solution as a B2B service, yet another revenue stream! As seen in the Q1 Roadmap, CoinMetro is releasing a white label solution for Legal Persons KYC with a client already using our successful BETA.

We have already launched Europe’s FIRST end-to-end Tokenized Securities Marketplace. Any so-called “competitors’’ out there have either nothing to show after several years, or a primary market only, with no possible way to offer a secondary market. Perhaps they’ll be knocking on the door to use our services!

Another point of pride for us here at the office in Tallinn, is the best affiliate program in the crypto industry with an incredibly generous commission structure.

As for the big picture, CoinMetro’s investors are prepared to push this company to be the largest digital assets platform in the world! There are some heavy weight shareholders who are willing to back us well beyond self sustainability. Think Coinbase. Think Nasdaq. Think Revolut. Now combine them…

Welcome to CoinMetro. Beyond the best crypto exchange.




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