CoinMetro Exchange: 2020 Q1 Roadmap

In 2019 we made sure the matching engine and backend was solid, we released a wide range of products and services including the EXpress exchange, PRO Margin platform and the much anticipated TraM (Trade Mirror). We now have proper foundations to build on.

2020 is the “Year of CoinMetro”, we all know that already! There is plenty more to come — and here is the first look at what is in the works during the first quarter of 2020.

This quarter our focus on the development side is moving to user experience, with lots of restyling, revised layouts and simplifying our great products for the masses. We are making sure that the first impression is perfect, signup and verification process is straightforward and the platform is easy to navigate for all experience levels.

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CoinMetro Roadmap | Q1 2020

How will we do it?

Going Mobile — Our new SmartApp (Android, iOS) has launched! With additional features added over time such as margin trading and crypto wallet swaps, the app will make it easy for you to manage your crypto assets and use any other CoinMetro services on the go.

Looking After Our Community — Rolling out more incentives for our amazing Ambassadors, and creating a buzz within our awesome community. We have one of the best and most unique Ambassador programs on the market, and it also comes with a beautiful dedicated Dashboard.

Business Development — We are building relationships with key players in the industry, and we recognize that it is crucial to offer a wide range of services for our users. We are actively working with other crypto projects and financial companies that will ensure we meet their requirements as a regulated and compliant exchange, who is able to give their communities and holders a secure and professional place to trade digital assets.

Regulations — In the background we are expanding our regulatory footprint, ready for the new and exciting transition later in 2020, when we’ll be rolling out more traditional banking services! Plus, entering a regulatory sandbox to operate as an MTF. This brings multiple new features to CoinMetro like virtual IBANs, debit cards and access to tokenized securities, which is unseen in the crypto industry so far.

We’re prepared for exponential growth — expanding our team across all functions as well as growing our customer base through smart marketing activities. It sure helps having one of the most stunning Exchange Interfaces in crypto to shout about.

We will continue to offer around the clock support through our live chat from our incredible customer support team. CoinMetro CEO and Founder, Kevin Murcko, will continue to remain present with epic voice messages on Telegram, along with weekly Q&As to keep you up to speed with all our progress.

A big thank you from the entire team at CoinMetro to all of you who have supported us since the ICO, nearly 2 whole years ago — we hope that we are making you proud! For anyone who has joined more recently we hope you have enjoyed the journey so far and can share our vision for a bright future — “Moving Crypto Forward!”

Jump Onboard! — there has never been a better time to jump onboard the CoinMetro train! New clients will receive 50 XCM with their first deposit of at least €50.


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