CoinMetro Exchange: Q2 Roadmap

4 min readApr 25, 2020


2020 is the “Year of CoinMetro”, this is the mantra we started the year with, after an extremely busy Q1 we’re well on track to make this a reality! During the first quarter we hit many targets and laid the foundations for a huge year.

In Q2 we will be switching our focus to marketing, polishing our existing products and making CoinMetro more accessible. There are many newbies flooding into the market and existing traders and hodlers who still need a reliable and well rounded platform to meet their banking/trading and investing needs.

We are proud to present our Q2 Roadmap!

(We did some already!)

Time For Growth!

April was kick-started with a very successful survey. It is essential to deliver products and services in line with our clients needs, for the most part this was the case as we have always aimed to listen to our active users. This time we heard the voice of our non-active clients, which opened our eyes to the reasons behind why they were not active. We received criticism of the design and illustrations we are using, including the current color palette which was considered “childish”. We noted that users were having problems with the general UI/UX and navigating around the platform. Some clients were not even aware we offered margin trading and other services. We have since renamed the products so new and existing users can easily identify what we offer at CoinMetro. Following the survey we have a long list of tasks which are being prioritized based on impact/demand and speed of delivery. Expect a lot of extra tweaks and updates.

Fiat Options and Debit Cards

We are lining ourselves up to offer AUD GBP SEK and USD. We have been working very hard to build relationships with additional banking partners, and are now ready to progress with a couple of options. This will help to make CoinMetro a more accessible and affordable option for thousands of clients. We will also be releasing CoinMetro branded debit cards! More info will be shared over the coming weeks.

Launching a Re-brand of CoinMetro

We understand the need to mature the color palette and styling along with changing the tone of the company. We have already picked a new killer style and color set, which we’re excited to share!

Initiating Marketing

We have recently on-boarded a fantastic content manager and talented digital marketing manager. They both have a wealth of experience within crypto, trading and finance products so they have hit the ground running! They are working hard to put the foundations in place, we are launching ad campaigns, making educational content and enhancing our affiliate program plus much more. They are excited to be working with our amazing products. We are confident we have the perfect team to take CoinMetro to a new level.

On-boarding Optimization

Throughout April and May we are launching multiple updates to our Mobile verification for new and existing customers to access our services. The aim is to offer a simple signup journey which is comparable and better than all our competitors. We have done alot of market research and we are confident that we can implement the required changes to offer a market leading verification process. This is a vital step for conversion and starting the customer experience with us on the right foot. We have built our verification tech inhouse and this will become very valuable for us as another weapon in the arsenal of great products and services.

Polishing Existing Products

We already offer some great products at CoinMetro, with many more arriving shortly. We are striving to release a brand new Dashboard, improve TraM (Trade Mirror) and Affiliate program UI’s along with adding some finishing touches to the Exchange and Margin trading platforms. Part of the re branding process will involve a review of consistency of icons/buttons/assets on the platform. We should wrap all this up in Q2!

Brand New Mobile APP

A decision has been made to completely freshen up the CoinMetro native Mobile App and revise the entire layout/style and features. The aim is to release a fully functional app within June which includes a simple way to buy and sell crypto for first timers, or those on the move, we will include the full Exchange platform with advanced order types. It will also feature the affiliate program, a list of all listed assets so you can monitor prices and a clear portfolio and wallet balance overview. The animated mock-ups and new style is looking incredible and we cannot wait to see it in production. iPhone and Android

There is a vast amount happening behind the scenes, and we kept some surprises to ourselves too!

CoinMetro CEO, Kevin Murcko will continue with weekly Q&A’s to keep you up to speed with all our progress.

Again, a massive thank you to our loyal community! For anyone new to CoinMetro, welcome aboard, you’ve found a gem, an exciting journey has just begun!

All new clients will receive 50 XCM when depositing €50 with us.

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