CoinMetro Exchange: Q3 Roadmap

2020 is the “Year of CoinMetro”

Q2 was a roller-coaster, an extremely busy time for us in all areas. There were many achievements, but we also experienced some big challenges. These have helped the team grow stronger. We were able to identify areas for improvement across each department, this included procedural reviews, building more features for our internal admin console, recruitment and big updates for easier on-boarding.

We made huge progress with testing ads, building email funnels and creating relevant content to engage and convert new users, this will continue to ramp up! We’ve greatly improved support and compliance tools which will help us deal with exponential growth. We are ready to scale up!

We launched the new Dashboard, Markets page and updated the Exchange and Margin platforms. We released our Websockets API to offer faster and more reliable connectivity.

We released GBP support with UK Faster Payments, along with GBP trading pairs. This helps to expand our banking footprint, onboard more clients smoothly and carry out regional marketing activities.

There was a huge overhaul of our Affiliate Program making it the best in the industry, we give 40% trading revenue from referrals to our affiliates. You will also get 10% of the revenue from their referrals! You can learn more here and start earning.

We recently integrated Google and Facebook log in, this makes it much easier to access your account.

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We have already increased the leverage on our Margin trading platform to 5x and increased the liquidity, this allows traders to maximize opportunities in the market.

We were also featured in Forbes and CoinTelegraph with news that we added an institutional grade sentiment indicator for our clients to use, free of charge.

This quarter we will be focusing on

The long anticipated update is just around the corner. This release will come with some major restyling, and will have the full native exchange + instant token swaps included. Also you will be able to easily share with friends and track your affiliate earnings. Funding options will be more streamlined also.

Launching the first fully regulated digital securities marketplace in Europe. You can invest in tokenized assets, earn interest and profit from your portfolio. Security tokens have been talked about since forever as the future asset class. We are making it happen now.

You can expect a completely new look and feel to the platform. We have hired as very talented and experienced UIUX veteran and a frontend dev team to bring all designs to life. Updates to look out for (in a fairly accurate order)…Dashboard, Markets page, Copy Trading platform, menus/header/settings, Affiliate, Margin + Exchange and our XCM Rebates

We have migrated to new banking partners who are very impressed with the way we operate, from KYC/AML procedures/Licensing to communication and vision in the industry. We are now free to add new listings! You can expect to see multiple new assets being added to the platform. We want to open up opportunities to participate in exciting and early stage projects with incredible potential. These listings will be covered with joint marketing pushes as we list and collaborate with more projects. CoinMetro will have a lot to shout about this quarter, expect to see us in the news regularly!

As always there is a lot going on behind the scenes, and we have more goodies lined up to be delivered this quarter!

CoinMetro CEO, Kevin Murcko will continue with weekly Q&A’s to keep you up to speed with all our progress.

Thanks to our growing community! For anyone new to CoinMetro, enjoy the fireworks!

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