CoinMetro Exchange: Q4 Roadmap

2020 is the “Year of CoinMetro”

We handled a range of crucial updates and projects in Q3 which laid the foundations to end the year on a high. We carried out a variety of marketing tests, we remained flexible and proactive, this saw us exceed targets and grow our revenue/volume/daily signups by 5x. An incredible result in just 3 months, it shows we are well placed in the market, we are adding value and offering products and services which are in huge demand. We’ve built a solid referral program which is bringing lots of organic traffic.

We have run an exciting trading contest and intend to start Q4 with another massive event. Keep your eyes peeled!

We’ve reviewed, rewritten and implemented our new KYC/AML/KYT policies and secured a license renewal. Our onboarding journey has been dramatically improved and along which the new branding which has helped to improve trust in the company, we have seen fantastic improvements to conversion rates. This is imperative for growth.

USD will be launching within the first week of October. This is possibly the biggest update of the year as CoinMetro can move quickly into a massive region which is severely underserved. We expect this move to have a huge impact on our growth over the next few months.

We released an amazing new website, featured in Forbes, integrated with new banking partners, launched Europe’s First Security Token Investment Platform!

We are now proud to present our Q4 Roadmap!

CoinMetro Exchange Q4 Roadmap 2020

This quarter we will be focusing on

The CoinMetro Bond Issuance

The CoinMetro bond is very unique, and a first in the crypto space. We will be paying interest on a daily basis to investors. After the maturity of the bond there will be an opportunity to either convert the bonds into equity in CoinMetro or cash out through CoinMetro’s native utility token XCM, at the end of the term.

The CoinMetro bond will pay 8–12% annual interest during the term, paid daily! We expect the issuance to launch in October.

Moving Into the US Market

Launching USD puts CoinMetro into a very small group of regulated exchanges which offer the currency. Users will be able to deposit and withdraw via ACH or wire payments, to make things even easier we are integrating Plaid services! US clients can seamlessly move money from their bank account to CoinMetro and buy crypto, initially we plan to offer BTC ETH XRP BCH LTC and of course XCM pairs.

Accredited US investors will also be able to invest in projects through the securities marketplace. We have marketing campaigns lines up for better visibility in the US market.

Gearing up to Handle Institutional Clients

3 Big updates move us in the right direction here. Firstly we are integrating with a new liquidity provider, this will allow us to tighten spreads, increase depth in the order books and attract larger traders and funds. We also released an update so accredited investors can provide documentation and invest directly into tokenized securities on the platform. Most importantly we are deploying a new legal persons KYC application which will help us smoothly onboard big clients and partners. We are seeing a demand from these clients and with very firm plans in place for the coming months, we will see an influx of enterprises and entities joining us… it is vital!

Marketing Marketing & More Marketing!

We feel confident that CoinMetro has transitioned from a phase of building our core products, services and finding our place in the market, to moving into a major growth phase. We are fine tuning copy, tweaking strategies, allocating bigger budgets and growing the marketing team.

We’re not done polishing the existing products, but this is a process which can be carried out in tandem with marketing. With a wave of new users we get lots of feedback which helps us plan and prioritize the development pipeline.

Staking and DeFi Products….

We are allowed to hold some juicy info back!

The CoinMetro team is excited to be moving into a new chapter and begin showcasing the results of all the hard work!

CoinMetro CEO, Kevin Murcko will continue with weekly Q&A’s to keep you up to speed with all our progress.

Massive thank you to our growing community! All our affiliates who are doing a brilliant job helping us grow and spreading the word. ❤

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A one-of-a-kind, fintech platform fueling the future of blockchain innovation. [Join our Telegram Group]

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A one-of-a-kind, fintech platform fueling the future of blockchain innovation. [Join our Telegram Group]

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