The public pre-Token Sale goes live on Dec 21st, 2017 at 21.00.00 UTC.

CoinMetro Telegram Whitelist Now Open

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CoinMetro’s Telegram Whitelist is now open. To join, visit or link up with us directly on telegram at and ask for whitelisting.

The public pre-Token Sale goes live on Dec 21th, 2017 at 21.00.00 UTC.

The CoinMetro Token Sale offers a unique tiered bonus structure, giving early adopters a chance to get in on different pricing milestones as well as access to lifetime discounts at both CoinMetro and our strategic partner FXPIG, and insider invitations to future pre-pre-Token sale events launched via the CoinMetro platform.

The first milestone for the COIN pre-Token sale, priced at at 0.03€ per COIN, has already been surpassed, with 15,418,794 COIN reserved so far with that number rising constantly as more and more people are requesting to be whitelisted. Don’t miss out on the chance to reserve your COIN at 0.05€ before they are all booked. The price will increase by 0.02 EUR after every 12.5Mth COIN is reserved. The hardcap for the pre-Token Sale is set to 50M, so make sure you get whitelisted before all the pre-token sale COIN are spoken for.



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