Crypto News

#1 Cryptocurrency Airdrops at Serious Risk of Regulatory Scrutiny

#2 UK insurance market leader Lloyd’s of London will insure a crypto custody platform by US-based custodial firm Kingdom Trust

#3 SEC to loosen the requirements to become an “accredited investor”?

#4 Japan’s regulatory body FSA putting some new rules in place for crypto exchanges, to protect the consumers from scams & hacks.

#5 Hackers Breach MEGA Chrome Extension To Steal Crypto Private Keys

#6 Goldman Sachs drops bitcoin trading plans for now | Business Insider

#7 EU Lawmakers Weigh ‘Standard’ for ICO’s Under Crowdfunding Rules

#8 Someone Took Out a $74 Million Short on Bitcoin Right Before the Drop

#9 ShapeShift Ends Anonymity With Announcement of Mandatory KYC Data Collection

CoinMetro Community Questions from Reddit

2. You said last AMA that during Q4 CM will start to bring “pieces of the infrastructure” live. By pieces do you mean simplex, intermediate and trade view? What order will these pieces be launched in?

3. At what point, relative to things going live, will XCM be tradeable?

4. When you’re trading margin you want the books tight, will you be looking to bring on more liquidity providers before you launch margin trading?

5. At the moment from what I understand CM is using custody solutions like BitGo for wallets. Is CoinMetro going to be using custodian services exclusively or will CoinMetro have their own wallets for some coins?

6. Will coins that aren’t businesses e.g. Dogecoin, be listed since obviously they can’t go through the standard listing process and don’t have CEOs etc. On a side-note I think Dogecoin would be a very good coin to list, noobs love it because it is “cheap” and fun, same from a regulatory point of view as Bitcoin and it’s been getting great volume recently.

7. Would you rather be remembered as:

1) a guy who made a very lucrative and respected financial platform or

2) a guy who helped shape the regulatory framework that transitioned crypto towards a mature phase

8. So, Kevin, what’s up?

9. Hi Kevin, if there is a last flash sale again, will the contributor be able to buy XCM token directly using euro? For a non-resident of SEPA country, how can this be done?

10. Will we have margin trading on day 1?

11. If someone registers right now and then contributes in the flash sale. Would they get closed beta access? Or have to wait until public anyway?

12. The fee system (paying fees in XCM even when you don’t have any) is quite unique. Did you patent this system? I haven’t seen any other exchange plan to use it so far.

13. What’s the current sprint goal?

14. Hi Kevin, I’ve had a look at the ‘Trade’ (TV3) platform mockup and it looks good however it seems this platform only caters to margin type trading. Are we going to have a trade platform (that looks like the mock-up) that caters for exchange type trading (like Binance style trading).

15. Can you point out what makes CoinMetro to stand out from the crowd and why? In plain and simple terms please :)

CoinMetro Updates

Live AMA Questions

The Goldman news was actually fake news. They only plan to delay it, not scrap the whole thing

There are quite a lot of issues on the beta, even with the regulatory set back I feel Q4 might not be possible? Thoughts on this?

One of the proposals was to cap token sales at 8mil EUR. Do you think the days of very large token sales are over?

Can we safely store our tokens in our account in the Homepage?

What is it still needed to open the exchange? Any licenses or just development? What is needed?

There’s a general downbeat mood about prices at the moment… Are you more concerned about a lack of adoption? Without adoption, people need to cash out for services which leads to sell pressure etc.

Will the prepaid card launch this year?

The AMA video’s garner a few 100 viewers altogether. While any miseducated idiot shilling a crap coin gets thousands easy. Does it bother you that your audience is much smaller? No plans to push some marketing behind the video’s? Since such transparent and informative weekly video’s are a rare gem in the world of crypto.

The Beta is looking great… when will an advanced version be ready?

Hi Kevin, will STO tokens be tradable on CoinMetro? e.g. TOWER Holdings will offer a token sale for re-development of an Island Resort on the Great Barrier Reef called GKI tokens, massive project.

When moon?

That’s your lot! Please join us again next week on CoinMetro’s Facebook or YouTube channel at 2PM GMT for another round and make sure you submit your questions to the CoinMetro Reddit page!

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