Final CoinMetro Flash Sale

Be sure to Check it Out!

After our pre-Token Sale ended more than a week earlier than we expected, the team at CoinMetro wanted to give people another chance to get in on pre-Token Sale prices before the official Token Sale launches on February 21. Thus, the Flash Sale was born.

Now, we embark upon the final flash sale. We will release the password to access the sale via Facebook live, Wednesday February 14 at 11AM GMT — link: ( The sale we run for 12 hours.

This is officially the last chance to snatch up a handful of our XCM token before the Token Sale!

So far, CoinMetro has raised 7M from almost 5000 participants. Our community is growing rapidly, with over 13k members on our Telegram channel. By the way, if you aren’t following us on Telegram, our channel is lit:

You can also get reach out to us on Reddit. We’ve got a Q&A thread going here ( where you can ask any questions you might have about CoinMetro and we’ll answer them as best we can!


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