we warmly wish you a merry xmas and a prosperous new year!

Happy Holidays From CoinMetro

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As they year comes to a close, the CoinMetro team wants to wish everyone a happy holiday. 2017 has been a great year for CoinMetro, and we’re even more excited about what 2018 holds in store. From the beginning, the vision for CoinMetro has always been about creating a community and fostering new opportunities for investor participation. We want to especially thank our early contributors, everyone who has jumped on to our Telegram channel and reached out on social media, and all of the supportive and encouraging people who have gotten involved at this early stage of our project. As a team, it is incredibly exciting for us to engage with all of you and hear your feedback, thoughts, and ideas.

We are looking forward to hitting the ground running in 2018, and we are truly grateful to have a group of diverse and inspiring voices on board with us as we check off the milestones on our roadmap going forward. If you haven’t had a chance to hop on the CoinMetro train yet, no worries! You’ve still got time- check out coinmetro.com, link up with us on Telegram, and join us in bringing simplicity and transparency to the crypto space. We hope you enjoy an amazing holiday and we can’t wait to share the upcoming year with the growing CoinMetro community!


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