Q2 Update: Trading Crypto Made Simple


Hey CoinMetroids,

We have just pushed some new updates online!

Our goal is to address some navigation issues on the GO! Platform and prepare for more exciting changes over the coming weeks.

  • Simplex has been renamed to Buy/Sell and will only appear in the side menu and no longer in the platform header.

The Exchange is our core platform for many reasons, the low fees, access to limit orders and other advanced order types and many altcoin pairs. It has grown to be a very popular product which can compete with top exchanges. The simple name change will help users locate the product and keep things straight forward for all our new customers.

  • We have made the decision to remove the Pro Trade GUI. Users can still access this through the URL in the short term, but it will no longer be directly accessible from the GO! platform.

We recognize that based on feedback from our user base that the Pro Trade caused some problems for users and generated unnecessary support tickets.

It is our intention to bring it back to life later in the year when we can release a polished version with improved UI/UX.

  • We have moved the Margin Trading platform to the side menu and header and simply named it Margin.

The reason for this change was again to simply showcase the product in a clear way without it being hidden behind the Pro name or an obscure icon in the header.

  • The Deposit and Withdrawal flow has also been reviewed and improved with the addition of saved addresses for added convenience. The design is much clearer as a popup rather than a full page display.

This is all part of keeping things simple and helping our users identify core products and services.

There are some more amazing updates in the pipeline…Q2 Roadmap coming S O O N!

We are strengthening the foundations in preparation of a huge marketing push, releasing larger UI/UX updates across the CoinMetro platform, including a brand new dashboard, updates to our copy trading service TraM (Trade Mirror) and much more!

Stay tuned!

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