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Many exchanges operating in the cryptocurrency space are difficult to use and have notoriously poor customer support. As interest in digital assets continues to explode, many existing exchanges and trading platforms struggle with performance issues, withdrawal suspensions, and an overall lack of infrastructure capable of supporting increasing volume and high traffic.

Browsing through various cryptocurrency forums online, such as Reddit’s r/cryptocurrency, pretty quickly shows numerous complaints related to poor customer service. When it comes to financial services, this is a serious issue. It isn’t just, “I asked for no onions on my sandwich.” It’s “Uh, where is the $5000 in Bitcoin I just sent from your exchange to my wallet?” or “Why am I suddenly locked out of my account for no reason?”

When you’re wondering where your funds are or why you can’t access them, nothing is more frustrating than “opening a ticket” and getting an automated response to let you know that someone is “looking into it.” Actually, there is something more frustrating than that: it’s when after a week you’ve opened several more tickets, tried calling, you still don’t know what’s going on and you still haven’t heard anything back from the company. That sucks.

Coming from years of experience in the financial sector, the CoinMetro team understands the responsibility of handling client funds. That’s why we made customer support a core component of our platform: No long wait times, no generic no-reply responses, and no confusing hoops to jump through to use our interface.

A dedicated, 24/7 customer support center is included in our platform. Users can get help with anything at any time and get fast, personal answers from knowledgeable staff if issues arise. CoinMetro also offers an extensive knowledge base designed to help users explore the platform, as well as an AI chat-bot designed to help with referring users quickly to the appropriate channel to get help or learn more about a particular feature.

Having already built a successful fintech business, the CoinMetro team knows firsthand that no matter how cutting-edge the technology you’re working with might be, basic business principles still apply. Simply put, when clients are happy a business does well. We’ve designed our platform to foster client growth, making it accessible to users with all levels of experience and creating a robust support infrastructure to supplement our extensive set of features.


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