The CoinMetro Open Beta is a GO!

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As some of you may have already heard, today is a very special day for us. Excitement levels here at CoinMetro are high as we’ve launched the highly-anticipated open beta platform and wallet. For anyone in the community who is eager to get a feel for our platform (prior to the full launch later this year), or anyone interested in seeing what crypto trading has to offer, our open beta offers ‘simple’ and ‘intermediate’ versions of the CoinMetro exchange to test out, as well as the platform’s multi-currency wallet.

Throughout the course of the open beta, we’ll be sticking to just paper trading, allowing our users to simulate the crypto market experience without any financial risk, while we smooth out any bumps and finalize the platform. The simple and intermediate beta exchanges will allow users to monitor quotes, analyze price histories, place orders and check positions, all backed by real-time market data and order technology.

As those who’ve been following us might already know, the platform incorporates some of the leading cryptos in the market; BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH and LTC, as well as the Dollar (USD).

So, how do the beta exchanges work?

Firstly, the simple exchange has been designed with beginners in mind. With the intuitive layout, we hope you’ll find that trading crypto is easy to learn, as you’re guided step-by-step through the buying and selling process.

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CoinMetro’s Beginner-Level Exchange

For the more seasoned traders, the intermediate exchange platform gets a little more in-depth, offering a broader range of features for price monitoring and analysis. Users will find lots of different chart and graph options, including candle, mountain, bar and line charts. At the top of the screen, you’ll find the adjustable price history for cryptos and fiat currency, and cross charts between any two of these selected currencies.

In the lower left-hand corner, you’ll find the ‘exchange cards’ feature. These cards contain info on currency price and volume, and quantities can be tuned with a selection slider. Transactions are confirmed with a double click execution and the “QuiXchange” is a shortcut allowing our users to save their favorite pairs to exchange, making for rapid switching between pairs.

CoinMetro’s Intermediate-Level CryptoExchange

Our CEO, Kevin Murcko, commented: “We’re thrilled to go live with our current version and showcase how far we’ve come in achieving our goal of an open and accessible marketplace to the public. The web-based beta had been built with ease-of-use in mind and is a major stepping stone in terms of our ultimate goal of producing a fully-integrated and regulated exchange, trading and ICO platform.

“Throughout the development process, creating a user-friendly experience for the open beta has been absolutely front of mind. We’ve listened intently to all of the feedback from the closed beta and tried our best to take as much as possible on board. We really value the CoinMetro community and all of their continued support, and we’re looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts and valuable feedback during the open beta period.”

So, what are you waiting for?!

Try out the open beta for yourself and get trading today. To get started, all you need to do is go to the Open Beta login page and sign up to an account (if you don’t have one), or log in to your existing one.

Finally, your feedback is so valuable to us throughout this process, while we’re finalizing the full platform. If you have any thoughts on what we can improve, what’s working or what isn’t, we’re all ears and we’d love to hear from you.

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For now, happy trading!

The CoinMetro team

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