Websocket API For Cryptocurrency Trading and More!

  • Websockets API

We have just released our Websocket API, you can check out the documentation here https://github.com/CoinMetro/API-DOCS

  • SEO Improvements

Removed #’s from the address bars, added titles and meta descriptions across the exchange for improved SEO

  • Simplifying Signup

We have removed the username field on the Signup page, this makes the signup process even quicker, taking away a few clicks and strokes which can make or break conversion.

  • Streamlined Account Verification

We recently pushed a new updated signup flow online, this has already streamlined the on-boarding experience and led to increased conversion rates. After reviewing some user feedback and running further tests we were able to establish some bugs/glitches which have now been patched.

So you can now smoothly signup and verify your account with any mobile device.

  • Dashboard Cleanup

We have a brand new Dashboard coming within April. Until then, we figured the old one could have a little makeover. You will notice improvements to the chart section, some color enhancements and general styling fixes.

  • Who Doesn’t Love DarkMode?

We just released a full darkmode on the Rebates page. Earning XCM just got cooler! We also improved darkmode elements on the dashaboard!

Check it all out NOW!!




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