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CoinMetro Native Token

CoinMetro Token — XCM

CoinMetro is an EU-licensed crypto platform offering fiat-crypto-fiat exchange services, margin trading, copy trading, an STO marketplace, and instant fiat on & off ramps in EUR, GBP, & USD. XCM is our native utility token for the growing ecosystem. More fiat options are available including SWIFT payment, covering AUD.

Key Drivers

“The Best Crypto Exchange” is just the tip of the iceberg!

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Low Fees

We are not the average exchange, charging outrageous fees to retail clients. You’ll find that CoinMetro beats ALL the big players in the industry when it comes to fees. From trading fees to deposit & withdrawal fees, you simply cannot find another exchange with a better structure than our financial metropolis!

The ONLY trading fee that we apply on our exchange platform is for Takers, which is set at 0.10%. And even then, Takers can earn up to 20% back in rebates!

We Grew 20x in 2020!

We ended 2020 on a major high with massive growth numbers all round. From January to December our volume grew 30x, signups grew 12x and our revenue grew a huge 20x.

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CoinMetro 2020 Growth Numbers

Based on feedback we receive from new clients, CoinMetro is a very easy to use and reliable platform with low fees and amazing 24/7 live support. There are still many ways we can look to improve the overall UI, but the progress during last year was incredible. Our goal is to be the best crypto exchange, with the greatest user experience.

We were able to introduce instant USD, EUR and GBP support, additional XCM use cases and Europe’s first end-to-end tokenized securities platform in 2020, this was a major catalyst for our growth and revenue increase, as we remain well poised for similar growth in 2021 with bigger marketing campaigns and more effective funnels to our existing products and the addition of new features in 2021. …

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CoinMetro AMA: December 18, 2020

Quant Staking is now LIVE!

If you are holding QNT on deposit in CoinMetro… you are getting staking rewards RIGHT NOW! Paid in XCM at a rate of 2.5% or 5% per year, AND the rewards are updated every four hours.

How many ‘soons’ until CAD?

1,000 retweets on a tweet for Canadian dollars on the exchange and we’ll add it :)

We need there to be a proven demand before we spend on supporting additional currencies, we are aiming to focus spending on high impact updates. If people want CAD we will support CAD.

Volume on CoinMetro is up a lot recently! What is the increased revenue allowing you to do?

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CoinMetro AMA Summary 11th December 2020

Would you give us a quick summary of the decision to raise the XCM price floor to three cents?

  • It was partially done as a thank you to so many loyal members of our community that regularly were buying at or below three cents for the last couple years.
  • It was also done in preparation for some new buying to come into the market from larger investors.

What will be the APY (Annual Percentage Yield) for staking XCM? And will this happen in December?

  • Staking of some sort should indeed happen in December. But XCM is not the very first asset on the list for staking. …

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XRP Spark FLR Airdrop

CoinMetro will be supporting the XRP Spark airdrop! YAY!

CoinMetro will Freeze XRP trading at 4pm UTC, and deposits/withdrawals at 10pm UTC, 2 hours before the snapshot (First ledger that prints on the morning of the 12th December UTC). XRP trading/deposits/withdrawals will be disabled for up to 48 hours.

You are welcome to deposit XRP to CoinMetro to participate in the airdrop, please ensure you deposit before December 11th at 22:00 UTC.

If you hold XRP on your CoinMetro account already, you do not need to do anything at all!


$FLR Tokens not be credited to your CoinMetro wallet balance on the dashboard, until Q1/Q2 2021, but we will reflect your participation within by Monday 14th December with a note in your transaction history on the platform dashboard. …

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CoinMetro AMA Summary 20th November 2020

Regulatory Front:

We got contacted by the from FCA in the UK, we have sent back details of our product suite and how we operate. They have closed the enquiry and are happy that all of our products are good to go!

Debit Cards:

We have been told by our supplier that they have finished their internal policies and the applications should be submitted any day now. Finally some real progress from them so that is great to hear!

More Regulatory:

In our back-and-forth with Dutch National Bank, it appears at the moment we do not need to pursue a license in the Netherlands. …

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CoinMetro Crypto Exchange AMA: October 30, 2020

What are you working on?

  • All kinds of things but mostly focusing on marketing right now
  • Building out documentation to share with larger investors
  • Our Q4 roadmap is very full

What was the Biz Dev related announcement you mentioned last week?

  • CM will provide quick fiat on/off ramps for sellers on Paxful’s dashboard. We should be able to pick up some of those sellers as well.
  • Should come to fruition in the next couple weeks and partnership could be launched in Q1.
  • Another debit card company is moving into Europe and will need to use our on/off ramps as well. But Kevin can’t give any more info on that yet.

Can you reserve an amount for the bond and finalise payment at a later date?

  • YES. You can see in the dashboard now there are reserved funds. You will have a time limit in which you will have to claim before they are forfeited. …

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CoinMetro Crypto Exchange AMA: October 23, 2020

What do you think about the rumor that PayPal wants to buy BitGo, a company who’s services you use? 8:08

Kevin used to dislike PayPal and thought they were abhorrent for many years. They used to freeze accounts at the drop of a hat and lock money for months with no reason. But they realized their model wasn’t sustainable in the digital world and have adapted over the years.

They are a powerful company with a lot of money which could potentially give CoinMetro a better service. Depending on what they do with it, we’re not against it at all.

How much has Basecamp raised?

2020 is the “Year of CoinMetro”

We handled a range of crucial updates and projects in Q3 which laid the foundations to end the year on a high. We carried out a variety of marketing tests, we remained flexible and proactive, this saw us exceed targets and grow our revenue/volume/daily signups by 5x. An incredible result in just 3 months, it shows we are well placed in the market, we are adding value and offering products and services which are in huge demand. We’ve built a solid referral program which is bringing lots of organic traffic.

We have run an exciting trading contest and intend to start Q4 with another massive event. …



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